Our FLOW has been disrupting the industry for 30 years, changing the way people think and how things are done. We’re NOT FIXED OR RIGID. We react to change without losing our properties. It’s part of our name and our work ethic. It’s how we’ve managed to build a multicultural legacy that after three decades still stands as strong as it did in the beginning. Call it coincidence, or just intentional genius, it’s the perfect word to describe Flowers Communications Group.

You’d think that by 2023 marketers would have a grip on what women want. And while some may find it

During Black History Month, our awareness of what brands are doing in the marketplace is heightened. First of all, we

Understanding the powerful impact of social media, we always have a pulse on current cultural moments and conversations.  So, we

At FCG, we are proud of our multicultural, multigenerational DNA, which flows through our agency and is represented by talent

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