The Stellar Awards and a New Generation of Gospel

As a summer intern at Flowers, I’ve had the opportunity to gain many amazing experiences working on different accounts, one of which was The 36th Annual Stellar Gospel Music Awards. It was my first time being involved with something so high profile, but it taught me a lot about the hard work that goes into planning and preparing for large-scale events such as award shows.

After doing the tedious, but necessary, work of populating Excel sheets and Google documents with information ranging from nominee names to red carpet media passes, I’ve developed a deeper appreciation for the beautiful red-carpet photos and seemingly effortless production skills that allow viewers to tune in and enjoy the Stellar Awards.

This year’s Stellar Awards featured notable gospel artists such as The Clark Sisters Up-and-coming musicians who were also in attendance for what’s been dubbed the biggest night in Gospel music.

Jonathan McReynolds led with eight nominations and was awarded Male Vocalist of the Year and Contemporary Male Vocalist of the Year. Co-host Jekalyn Carr gave a spirited performance of her song “Jehovah Jireh,” and was awarded Traditional Female of the Year and Traditional Album of the Year. Younger nominees such as Alana Inez and Christian Bolar were also present, and they both represent the next, vibrant generation of Gospel music.

Many Gospel greats are eager to pass the mic and create space for new sounds and talent to shape the future of the genre. Lucky for them, the new artists showcased during the ceremony — such as Maverick City Music, Jokia, and Terrianare more than capable of sharing their faith and their craft with the world. I enjoyed watching the Stellar Awards when it aired on August 1st, 2021, with the new perspective and pride of a professional who worked behind the scenes.

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