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Hispanic Heritage Month Is Over, but Marketing to Latinos Shouldn’t Stop, Too.

Hispanic Heritage Month has come and gone. So, does that mean all of your communications efforts to connect with Latino […]

I’m a U.S.-born Mexican-American Latina, and You Can’t Tell Me Otherwise

Living in an “I” dominant country, one of the most common questions you get when first meeting someone is, “What’s […]

FCG Announces First Podcast: Flowin’ with Queenie & Dani – Hispanic Heritage Month

  Flowers Communications Group presents its first podcast: Flowin’ with Queenie & Dani. For this month’s episode, we’re taking a […]

Hispanic Heritage Month: Brands That Got It Right

Hispanic Heritage Month is upon us and we’re ready to see which brands get it right. However, none of these […]

United but Not One People

  Growing up as a fair-skinned, hazel-eyed, freckled girl with ethnic hair, people around me struggled with identifying my race, […]

Exprésate: One meme at a time

By: Angelica Ramirez   As the honorary office MEME QUEEN, I feel it’s only fitting to honor my Hispanic heritage […]

Refuse To Choose: Embracing the Duality

“You can’t be both. They are so different. They don’t even like each other. Which one are you more of?” […]

Shaping our Latino Identity – Part II; Growing up on Both Sides of the Border
FCG Latino Marketing

“Where are you from?”   As it pertains to questions of Latino Identity, that’s the one that follows all Latinos no […]