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Black Music Month: A Reflection on Memories, Moments and My Life’s Soundtrack

As a Gen-Xer, my relationship to music has been a unique journey. I’ve lived long enough to experience the birth, […]

Episode 10: FLOW Along with Christina Steed – Amplifying Black LGBTQ Voices featuring President & CEO of Authentique Agency, Roy Broderick, Jr.

  At FCG, we celebrate #Juneteenth every year – we also commemorate it in the everyday work that we do […]

Nipsey Hussle: Hip Hop Altruist

Nipsey Hussle: Hip Hop Altruist Rest in Power 1985 – 2019     Source: Ser Baffo/Getty Images   It’s been […]

Flowin’ with Queenie and Dani: FCG Celebrates Black Music Month

  On this month’s episode of Flowin’ with Queenie and Dani, we celebrate Black Music Month with special guest, Mary Datcher – a […]

FCG’s Black Music Month Staff Playlist
Black Music Month: Chicago’s Influence on Music from Old School Blues to New School “Drill”

I am a music aficionado and spent years in radio, on-air and in marketing, before joining FCG.   With music […]