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Black History is Black Storytelling

Black History Month cruises into our purview just after creating new goals and setting our year’s resolutions. Across the U.S., […]

Episode 10: FLOW Along with Christina Steed – Amplifying Black LGBTQ Voices featuring President & CEO of Authentique Agency, Roy Broderick, Jr.

  At FCG, we celebrate #Juneteenth every year – we also commemorate it in the everyday work that we do […]

#FCGSeatAtTheTable – Intern, Amanda Wilkerson

  “I’d sit have a seat at the table with Hazel Scott. She has so much talent, style, and grace. […]

#FCGSeatAtTheTable – Account Director, Mike Coburn

“I’d like to have a seat at the table with El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz better known as Malcolm X. The reasons […]

#FCGSeatAtTheTable – Accounting Specialist, LaTonya Hunt

“I would love to have dinner with the late and great Malik El-Hajj Shabazz [also] known as Malcolm X. I […]

#FCGSeatAtTheTable – Account Supervisor, Brian Packer

  “My Black Icon will always be Sean “Diddy” Combs. I’ve always admired his business savvy and unwavering commitment to […]

#FCGSeatAtTable – Media Engagement Specialist, Zeline Bates

“I think I would enjoy talking with Harriet Tubman. I want to know how she found the courage to travel […]

#FCGSeatAtTheTable – Operations Administrator, Zenaida Manzur

“I’d like to have a seat at the table with Barack Obama. it would be such an honor to chat […]