Read the Room: Educating Brands on How to Not Misuse Black Culture

Kendall Jenner with Pepsi, Bath & Body Works with their “BHM Collection”, Balenciaga with their “sagging pants” joggers – the list goes on and on and continues to grow with brands that are trivializing Black issues and appropriating Black culture.

As PR and marketing practitioners, it is not only our responsibility to guide the clients we serve down the right path but to also keep the conversation ongoing as it pertains to engaging multicultural consumers from an inclusive and authentic standpoint. With that being said, it is with great pleasure that FCG presents and cordially invites you to Read the Room: Educating Brands on How to Not Misuse Black Culture.

Read the room is a virtual panel discussion designed to unpack and do a deep dive into the proper ways to reach and support the African American community during holidays and key Black moments in time. We ask that you please plan to join and contribute to this important conversation this Thursday at 4pm CST. It will be hosted by WGCI’s Kyle Santillian and moderated by FCG’s very own Bukie Towolawi.



What: “Read The Room: Educating Brands on How to Not Misuse Black Culture” Panel Discussion

When: Feb. 17th 4pm-5:15pm

Where: Zoom

Overview: During nationally recognized moments, general market brands incorporate African symbolism to promote the alliance to support and acknowledge African Americans, in order to mask the true intention of self-brand promotion. African Americans find these times to be unauthentic. As communication professionals, we must educate these brands on the proper ways to support African Americans during BHM or Juneteenth and throughout the year.