Q&A: FCG’s Queen Multitasker and EVP, Barbara Thompson

Q: Being a woman in this industry, was there ever a situation where you felt that you needed to prove yourself or where your knowledge was questioned?

A: Absolutely, very early in my career, I was afforded the opportunity to manage and oversee a very prominent project. The team that I had to lead and collaborate with questioned my ability to bring the project from inception to execution, and their hesitation was not only based on my gender, but also my age. It may have been my youthful arrogance, but I did not waiver. I remained steadfast and outspoken and rallied the group behind my vision. It was a pivotal career moment very early on and there were many lessons learned that help shape my career character.

Q: Why is being a woman of color in this industry powerful?

A: Being a woman of color is powerful because it is humbling and I know that there are still pioneering moments, pathways and accomplishments ahead for not only women, but women of color. As far as we’ve come, there are still uncharted firsts.

Q: If you were to give advice to young women in the industry today, what would it be?

A: See past the moment to focus on the future. Don’t think global, think orbital.

Q: What is one quote that you live by?

A: Accept people where they are. You will grow and learn and you’ll need someone to accept you.

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