Multicultural Mashups: Blending Heritage and the Mainstream

Multicultural Mashups: Blending Heritage and the Mainstream

Steed_030612The American Dream as originally conceived is vanishing. Multicultural audiences are carving out their own niches in society and redefining what that dream is. This is a good shift in the existing paradigm because with more diversity comes more creativity, exposure, education and tolerance.


As communications professionals, the best way to serve these varied populations is to commit to developing campaigns that authentically speak to them. Multicultural consumers often deal with a personal balance of the values that define their culture and everyday life experiences. Some refer to it as my “work” self and my “at home” self – where one feels most comfortable in “keeping it real.” African-American, Latino, Asian and other multiethnic consumers look to maintain that authentic connection and voice from where they came from, which goes beyond moments in time recognized on calendars such as Black History, Asian-Pacific American and Hispanic Heritage Months.


All too often, marketing plans take a broad stroke and are directed at the general market. While society has become more diversified, media, marketers and moviemakers are still presenting us a New York cityscape without ethnic minorities represented or, if there is a diverse face, it can’t exceed just one. When a brand actually takes the time to develop a relationship with its consumers and get to know the changing cultural landscape, they are able to capture the attention and loyalty of consumers who are traditionally brand loyal. And with personal and social networks being more important than ever before, authenticity and relevance in messaging is critical for success.


For the full March 1, 2012 article in PRWeek ‘s MasterClass column titled, “How can multicultural outreach blend heritage and mainstream influences?” visit PRWeek.


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