First Comes Love, then Comes…Engagement

First Comes Love, then Comes…Engagement

Balasandiran_031510We’re bound to the brands we love.  We’ve known most of them most of our lives, and to say our relationships with them have seen their ups and downs is an understatement.  We try to walk away…something always pulls us back.  They know how to get to us, because they get us.  Even when we end things, saying “I’m never speaking to you again!”, they always know just what to say to engage us in “the talk”.


As consumers, our relationships with these brands began at childhood—many of which we maintain today, as adults.  These relationships are so mutual we become consumed, because they’re always there.  We go online, they’re there.  Pick up a magazine, they’re there.  Commuting to work, they’re there.  Come home…they’re there.  We’ve fallen head over heels, and before we can consider the next step, it’s already happened—we’re engaged—engaged to the point we have no choice but to stay with them…because we love them.  And it takes a lot to shake our love—a blunder by the brand, defective products—and even in such cases, our love wavers but momentarily.


Then, like a lover scorned, we get an apology, a makeup gift, a renewed commitment, and we’re drawn back in.  Is this because we’re suckers for love?  Maybe…but it’s more so the emotional attachment, the connection, the mutual understanding of each other—the love we share.  We break up to make up like a drama on the CW.  How does this always happen?  Simply:  The root of reconciliation is the conversation that precedes it.  It’s never a half-hearted effort—more like a high-stakes poker game and going all in, because you can’t afford to lose.  And it’s not just words—it’s actions, it’s passionate, it’s engaging.  We can’t help but respond and react.  Why?  Because we stay committed to the brands we love, if they stay committed to us.  But before we make that commitment…we have to have that conversation.



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