Does Father Know Best? A Look at the Dad Blogger

Does Father Know Best? A Look at the Dad Blogger

The power of the Mommy Blogger is no secret to any marketer. In many cases, they’re considered the backbones of their families and getting in good with them can go a long way in establishing credibility for any brand. However, there’s another, less represented body that is slowly working to emerge into the social media space, also known as the Dad (or Daddy) Blogger. Moreover, with Father’s Day approaching, what better time to evaluate the importance of the Dad Blogger to the blogosphere?


It’s true that the Daddy Blogger is a little less familiar in the public arena. However, with blogs such as The Blog Fathers, Dad Labs and multicultural blogs such as African-American Dad,  Mocha Dad, and PapiBlogger, it’s clear that fathers are definitely blogging, too. In turn, they’re forging new online communities in greater numbers, communities that can be of interest to public relations and marketing executives seeking visibility and awareness for their brands.


Take Sony, for example. In 2009, the electronics company, which has conducted plenty of outreach efforts to reach the mom blogging community, decided to turn their attention to dad through their “DigiDad Project,” partnering with top Dad Bloggers to use many of their products over a three-month period. Soon, the Dad Bloggers were talking about their experiences and generating more conversations about the products with other dads, which would typically be the consumers of the electronics.


For a brand like Sony, the move makes sense and the products were a great fit. So, does that mean that Dad Bloggers are replacing Mom Bloggers?


Not at all! While they are on the rise, Dad Bloggers present a fresh opportunity for brands to get their message across. A couple of insights we should keep in mind about this audience:


  • New Audience, Fresh Message: Since the Dad Blogger has been largely untapped in the social media space, this is a great opportunity for brands build strong relationships with a new group that has their own influential networks.
  • Unique Role in the Household: While moms typically are a trusted and reliable source for the purchases of the household, fathers, often regarded as protectors or rule-setters of a family, can also offer a strong voice on the final purchasing decisions. One Dad Blogger takes a deeper dive into why fathers are a great target for marketers, a post you can find here.
  • The Right Fit: For many brands, the mom may be a great fit. However, when you consider other products and services that may have a significant appeal to a male audience (such as electronics, tools or household equipment), targeting the male perspective may be a valuable approach to building credibility for your brand.


However, even with these points, it’s also vital to realize that Dad Bloggers and Mom Bloggers, while having their own particular nuances, are ultimately parents, which means they keep their families’ interest top of mind – great advice for any marketer trying to reach this audience.


The value of the Dad Blogger is rising and it’s up to us as marketers to make sure that when applicable, fathers do not get left out of the conversation. After all, while moms are blazing trails in social media, this rise for dads may soon mean that we’ll need to make sure our message is inclusive of the entire audience.


Maybe it’s not “Mom” or “Dad” who knows best, but instead “Parents know best!”


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