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What Women Want from Marketers

You’d think that by 2023 marketers would have a grip on what women want. And while some may find it […]

#FCGSeatAtTable – Media Engagement Specialist, Zeline Bates

“I think I would enjoy talking with Harriet Tubman. I want to know how she found the courage to travel […]

#FCGSeatAtTheTable – Operations Administrator, Zenaida Manzur

“I’d like to have a seat at the table with Barack Obama. it would be such an honor to chat […]

It’s Paddy, Not Patty!

As an African American woman-owned multicultural agency, we often find ourselves telling stories that celebrate Hispanic heritage and #BlackBoyJoy. We […]

More Than Magic: The Growing Power of Women of Color

The names Tiffany Haddish and Cardi B. more than likely didn’t resonate as much in the mainstream prior to last […]

Black Panther – What a Superhero Movie Can Teach Us about Multicultural Marketing

If you have not already seen or heard, the new blockbuster film Black Panther has been having one of the […]

How to Court Your Client

February is not just a time when we acknowledge and celebrate our Black heroes and sheroes, but it is also […]

Black History Month in the World of Marketing Communications | The Surge of Black Creativity, Education and Entrepreneurship

  When I was growing up, Black History Month (BHM) meant that I could look forward to an elementary school […]