#FCGSeatAtTheTable – Executive Vice President, Christina Steed

“I would like to have a seat at the table with Janet Jackson. She is one of my favorite artists and she has originated what a lot of artists are duplicating now. People forget that she was on Good Times and Different Strokes and had Chuck D rapping on her album talking about the power of knowledge in our communities. In other words, she has always held it down ‘for the culture.’


I would want to talk about how she kept going through the different phases of her life as an artist, how she dealt with criticism, and how she feels now being over 50 and fabulous. She’s a history-maker, an advocate for women and #LGBTQ audiences, and has been a total personification of #BlackGirlMagic. I just think we’d have a fun conversation!”


– Executive Vice President, Christina Steed #FCGSeatAtTheTable