30 on 30: Celebrating 20 years with the Black McDonald’s Operators Association

In the past 30 years, we have built long-lasting and solid relationships with countless Black and Brown businesses. We have worked hand in hand with these companies to create better communities and touch countless lives. One of my favorite businesses to work with has been McDonald’s and the Black McDonald’s Operators Association (BMOA).


FCG was invited, along with two other companies, to participate in an RFP process for work that would support the BMOA in their efforts to reach the Black and Brown communities in the Chicago area. At first, McDonald’s selected another agency, but it wasn’t long until they called back to express interest in working with FCG because they enjoyed our pitch. The rest is history.


During the past 20 years, we have worked on life-changing campaigns such as “Write to Achieve,” an educational program focused on promoting English, journalism, and other types of writing among African American children. The program celebrated the students’ hard work and ultimately resulted in higher retention at school.


In addition, we worked with McDonald’s to create the “Food for the Body and Spirit” program, which has supported underserved communities with food for the last 20 years. Each year, Pre-Thanksgiving meals and free food are given away at a few McDonald’s locations, which feed more than 1,000 families.


FCG supported a Hurricane Katrina fundraiser that McDonald’s organized to help the countless victims of that tragedy. We also worked on “McDonald’s All-American Games,” a basketball game program targeting American and Canadian high schoolers, with proceeds benefiting the Ronald McDonald House Charities.


Over the years, we’ve brought in many famous faces like Kanye West, Chris Brown, President Barack and Michelle Obama, Kirk Franklin, and many others to help with fundraisers, concerts, and other efforts to uplift Black and Brown youth.


FCG has worked tirelessly to help the BMOA expand McDonald’s reach in underserved Black and Brown neighborhoods and reinforce the organization’s commitment to education, empowerment, and tolerance.


We are so blessed to work with the BMOA and look forward to continuing to spread their messages.

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