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The Making of a Fearless PR Practitioner: Reflections from 2017 FCG Intern, Sydney Watkins

This past winter, we issued an RFP – “Request for Fearless Practitioners,” searching only for those ready to take on […]

Expansion Without Exclusion: Another Brand Fiasco

One would think that a hair brand that was founded by and has been supported by Black women since its […]

A Seat at the Table with FCG: Critical Multicultural Insights from Voices that Brands Desperately Need in the Room

Pepsi rocked the marketing and social media world this week releasing their new global ad featuring Kendall Jenner. The setting […]


Our agency has been reeling over the past couple of days with the series of deadly shootings that have taken […]

Guest Blogger Spotlight: Melissa Kimble, Senior Social Media Manager, EBONY Magazine

This week, we invited influencer and social media maven, Melissa Kimble, to share her career journey and what’s she’s learned […]

Women’s History Month Blog — A Diverse Roster of History’s Most Influential Women

#WomensHistoryMonth each March gives us a great time to reflect on some of the world’s most influential women. Below, we’ve […]

FCG Black History Month Spotlight: Brinton Flowers, Account Executive
Shaping our Latino Identity – Part II; Growing up on Both Sides of the Border
FCG Latino Marketing

“Where are you from?” As it pertains to questions of Latino Identity, that’s the one that follows all Latinos no matter […]